When it comes to the virtual business world I have in the past been a veritable tortoise.  Like most committed introverts, I plan, create, I prepare for every eventuality. But, I keep all bar the very tip of my work well secured within the safe shell of my home protecting much content from public scrutiny until it is ‘absolutely ready’.


I have frustrated the life out of my husband as he can’t see why I’m not already joint venturing with Gary Vaynerchuk.

Extroverts like my husband know someone everywhere they go and will strike up conversations with random strangers in public.

Conversely, direct communication and displays of wanton unsolicited socialising does not come easily to us introverts; a common tactic we adopt prior to any unfamiliar interaction is to gather acres of content and learn more techniques and processes than you can shake a stick at.

Extroverts are comfortable with ‘napkin plans’ and the ‘jumping out of the plane and making the parachute on the way down’ school of thought.

Whereas, introverts like to plan and strategise to the ‘nth degree and it can take forever to get anything off the ground. 

There are always unanswered questions.

  • What are the correct components of an online business and in what order are they placed?
  • How do I get noticed quicker?
  • What if it’s not right?

Excuses, excuses!

Protracted preparation could simply be a procrastination strategy used by introverts for fear of presenting imperfect work.

All of the ducks do not need to be in a row to get started.

All that’s initially needed is an idea and buy-in from a few people you know that you can help.  

Most notably introverts do not need to fit into the extrovert’s sales model to drum up business.

There’s no need to attend every network meeting to make small talk.  Just attend the right ones and have meaningful conversations. Even better, take you’re networking online.

You don’t have to be the fast-talking life and soul of the party.  You could be the good listener.

And there’s no need to be on every social media platform on the hour, every hour.

Acting the extrovert can leave introverts feeling inauthentic and constantly anxious, this, by the way, is not an attractive look. 

You can still be you and get your business noticed in a manner in which feels most comfortable.

To make life easy for my fellow introverted entrepreneurs, here’s the visibility checklist that got me off the starting blocks.

Essential Visibility tools;

  1. Product/Service.
  2. Domain name.
  3. Preferred media platform: Your online business storefront e.g. FB Page, Web, Instagram etc.
  4. Relatable ‘About You’ bio.
  5. Method of direct communication.
  6. A brand – The public, recognisable
  7. Surveys/quizzes.
  8. Testimonials
  9. Inbound marketing methods: Guest blogging. Also give away free advice/free information/free content.
  10. Show up consistently in public (social media automation tools allowed ….sometimes).

Q) Can introverted entrepreneurs succeed without this checklist?

Yes although generally, checklists and processes help you to reach your objectives quicker and keep your compass pointing in the right direction.

Q) Do introverts and extroverts need one another?

Arguably yes.  Two sides of the same coin; the two personality types complement one another. The introverts provide boundaries and reign in the impulsiveness of the exuberant extroverts.   Extroverts give the introverts that little shove that’s needed to just get stuff done.

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