After hanging up her airline purser wings, Deloris (Dolly) Clarke, was integral to helping a number of small but significant offices become established in her area.  She went on to become chief IT support and Marketing Database Manager for an International manufacturer which allowed her to combine her absolute passion for travel and Software training, and she has touched almost every continent with her lessons. Since then Dolly, ever learning, achieved her project management qualification alongside extensive project management experience, and went on to provide business support for the Ambulance Trust, became a software instructor and was proud to become a mentor to university undergraduates.

Dolly is well aware that success is just the other side of comfort and as such is always pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone.  She has bungee jumped, fire-walked and did a parachute jump (in a wind tunnel admittedly).

What Dolly wants for you is that the Workshops and Business Spark program will help you to push through whatever boundaries are holding you back from growing your business, more often than not it’s down to you just not having the time because you’re bogged down with work ‘in’ your business and cannot see your way clear beyond the hustle and grind or perhaps your objectives differ from those you work with.

The Sorted 4 Training courses were tailored around the feedback from real business people. Designed to help you navigate Entrepreneurial Overwhelm Syndrome which Dolly had also overcome.