From Spark to Profit

Entrepreneurial ventures are fragile, in fact even many big businesses are looking for ways to simply hold on through rapidly shifting system models; more often than not it’s a fight for survival.

Keeping costs low is a necessity and working punishing hours with 24 hour connectivity is the norm with little quality time left over for loved ones let alone your own well-being.

It’s demoralising waiting for slow arriving proposal responses.

It’s frustrating waiting for contractors and suppliers who don’t think smaller businesses are a priority.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

  • The Business Spark course was designed with all of these stresses in mind.
  • Imagine a business where your repetitive, time-consuming work is managed by systems.
  • Where the people doing business with you understand your requirements and work with you to achieve shared goals and,
  • The 3 hours of administration that you tackle at the end of every working day is reduced to a few hours each week.

By the end of the 6 course modules you will gain practical skills and have the tools and techniques to:

1.Effortlessly plan for success with free and readily available means.

Turn thoughts into action and create concepts, presentations and project plans in one go!


2.Get others to hear you.

Remove those times when you know people are not really listening but are just waiting for their moment to speak.

Get more done with fewer resources and less effort.

Through implementing strategies and applications – set up your systems once and use repeatedly.


3.Attract pay commensurate to your worth (with less resistance).

Learn to speak persuasively by being explicitly clear about your knowledge and expertise.

Sign up for this easy to follow, step by step course which will define the skills required to increase business momentum and provide the headspace necessary to generate more income.

Once you enrol you will receive;

  • Access to the course for its entire lifecycle.
  • A course which includes videos and slides worth £497.00 for you to watch over again.
  • Workbooks and action plans worth £147.00 for you to print and use as you need.And don’t think that you will be left to struggle alone.
  • You will have access to weekly coaching sessions, worth £1500 calculated across 6 modules

E-Learning doesn’t have to be a solo journey.

It’s all too easy to become overwhelmed and demotivated if you’re studying alone when you have so many other distractions in your life.

When you sign up for this course you will get access to the group forum where you can get support, encouragement and new ideas from the other course members and Dolly will attend at various times and comment within the group personally.

For those of you needing a little extra motivation, you can opt-in to receive reminders and motivational text messages.

Having worked with hundreds of students through direct mentoring and delivering online training sessions. Many of the learners actually request SMS text messages and reminders to keep them on track.

As an additional benefit of SMS reminders, Harvard Business School research indicates that carefully planned text messages have a positive and significant effect on student outcomes. With that in mind, you will then be more likely to achieve all of the outcomes intended from this course.

Business Spark Workshop


A comprehensive 6 module course – modules released weekly.

Module 1 is designed to help you to understand the fundamentals of business on a budget and how establishing a sound foundation at any time, benefits the businesses long term and will work in most settings.


  • Bootstrapping Basics
    • What is Bootstrapping?
    • Why Bootstrap?
    • Bootstrapping vs funding.

Making the most of your finances

Module 2 seeks to explain how you show up in the world and that your working methods matter.  How your potential customers view you will have an impact on your business growth. See how to control your environment and how to present your company. Receive actionable tasks that get you noticed.


  • Office Set-up; Achieving that big operation feel
    • Why perception is important.
    • Create a space for business flow.
    • Achieve big business environment with minimal budget.
    • Corporate tools and corporate identity on minimum budget.

Module 3 presents the actual simple strategies used by business leaders which keep them efficient and at the top of their respective fields.

You can make use of these techniques to cut your workload and blaze through your tasks to get to your main goals.


  • Prioritising Your Productivity.
    • Surprisingly simple strategies to guarantee maximum productivity.
    • Replicate yourself, lighten your workload.

In Module 4 you will see how to use the simplest yet most powerful applications that will take work from you.

Why struggle with planning, filing and calculating invoices or cash flow when there’s an application to do it for you?


  • Turning ideas to action, creating structure. You think you know Mind Mapping?  Things have changed and this utility has become more flexible and versatile than ever.
  • Creating a ‘skinny’ business/financial/Project plan including a presentation, with free tools* in under 2 hours using mind mapping software.
  • Essential productivity tools to cut through your tasks like a hot knife through butter
  • Simple Excel formulas, Creating self-calculating templates, Speech to text software, Evernote basics


* assuming you have office productivity software installed on your machine.

Module 5 supports the essential skills crucial to building strong business relationships and a highly professional image.

Use these skills to convey your thoughts and meanings to others and to become more persuasive.


  • Maximum impact communication.
  • The benefits of effective communication.
  • Communicating with clients.
  • Win that proposal.
  • Increase your chance of getting paid on time.
  • Get freelancers and contractors to raise your priority status.

Module 6 tackles the ever increasing prominence that email is having on our lives.

The inbox is nothing but a convenient organizing system for other people’s agendas (Brendon Bruchard).

Take control back from the tyranny of the inbox and show it who the boss really is!


  • Email Taming
  • Is inbox zero a reality?
  • Clean-up.
  • The self-organising email!
  • Setting expectations and boundaries.

About Dolly’s Business Spark Course

Having conducted software training in UK, Europe and Asia in the corporate world, Dolly decided she was ready to go it alone. In late 2014 sheopened the doors to her business support agency.


She wanted to use her experience in training field sales engineers.Thus a servicewas developed to assist people to navigate day-to-day obstacles whichslow down progression towards their business goals.


Through contracts with national organisations and a regional educational institute, Dolly shared her skills and knowledge to help her clients make use of tactics and technology to create perceptual and practical space that led to rapidprogress towards their goals.


Since then she has overcome several common business hurdles including financial and sheer business overwhelm, she has also surveyed numerous business owners to gain an understanding of major industry progression blocks.

How does this apply to you?

In many years as a business owner and qualified project manager, Dolly has gained indispensable productivity skills with assistive technology and systemsthat have helped her to do more with less time. Dolly now wants to share these essential skills with others to help drive a straight line through the entrepreneur’s road blocks and create an express route to their main goals.

What does this mean in the real world?

  • What could you achieve with and extra half hour in a day? What about an extra hour?
  • That’s potentially an extra 5 hours per week or almost 10 whole days a year.

Let’s translate this into monetary terms;

  • Take your average annual income. AI
  • Divide that by the number of days that you work. D
  • Now multiply that by 10 and you will calculate your possible extra income. 10

The ideal scenario in most cases would be to outsource your routine tasks, although not every independent business owner is ready for that step just yet. Until that time there will be the need to work smarter.

During this course Dolly will share how she gained traction and built her business with the tools and strategieswhich helped her to strike a healthy work life blend and will help you too, while your business leaps from strength to strength.

Every minute and every penny counts when you’re in business.  You will learn how you can stretch both by proven systems that help save you time and money.


By the end of the course you will be equipped with corporate standard tools and be on the 1st step towards setting your business to Auto Pilot.


Once you enrolyou will get access to templates, planners and action tasks.

There will be video training as well as live online meet-ups and coaching sessions.

The practical step by step tutorials will link hand in hand with positive encouragement every step of the way.



This package is worth £2144.

But you can get it for less with this deep discount.

You can have immediate access to the value packed course for the initial payment of £83.00 followed by two subsequent payments of £83 over the next 2 months.

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This training has limited seats during its beta testing period after which the price will rise and possibly some of the modules broken into separate courses.

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Anon from feedback forms I learned a lot from Dolly. She is really easy to understand and makes sure I get the concept before moving on to a new thing. Dolly is very pleasant and helpful and as these are all new systems to me she does not put me down but encourages me and that gives me a feeling that l can do this and master how to use the different technology the l have.  
The Teaching quality is excellent.  Dolly is very knowledgeable, easy going and clearly places a lot of importance on rapport building.
S Kumari
We run a community charity and don’t always have the skills in house to accomplish all the tasks to reach our goals efficiently. Dolly has been on hand to bridge that gap when we needed; we have been grateful for the hands-on support and training.  
L Uzokwe