Shaping a business in the local community


Cathy Frost of LoveOne, a beautiful boutique gift shop on the through way to the Water Front in Ipswich, speaks of the considerations to take into account when starting a real world business and getting involved in the development of the area she is in. It is exciting to see what can grow when you stick to your plan and work through the inevitable adversities that test the majority of small business start-ups.Visit the shop in St Peter’s Street Ipswich and visit the website at

Getting the right balance


In this episode of the Sorted 4 You podcast I am speaking with Angela Leach of Fit Footsteps. This one is for those of you who wonder how you can gradually build your business and still maintain a viable income until your enterprise takes off.  Angela has found a balance that works for her and meets the needs of bringing up a family, studying for her accreditation and earning an income.

It’s now Flip Flop weather, look at your feet, could they do with some attention?

Angela would love to hear from you if you live locally in Suffolk and require foot healthcare.

Telephone: 0791 308 0446

Establishing your brand


Mandy Errington – Deja Vu Boutique

How do you start a clothing retail store and build a brand throughout a recession?

You mingle and market like a Mandy!

Mandy Errington has seen her business blossom over the past 3 years and is now reaping the rewards of her networking efforts.
In this broadcast, Mandy tells us how she is keeps abreast of the needs of her loyal clients and how social media and environmental consciousness are intrinsic to her business model.

 Contact Mandy through her Deja Vu Boutique facebook page

Designing a better life

 “If you don’t have a strategy, you’re part of someone else’s strategy. ”

“Alvin Toffler”

In our first Sorted 4 You podcast you will learn how a woman is shaping the future for herself and her family. I will speak with Asma Baig, author of kindle book ‘Principles of Women in Leadership, and their Rise as Business Leaders’. Asma, author, property developer and mother of four, shares with us the story tells us of how each of her achievements began with just a thought and taking action made the thought a reality.

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